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If your organization is interested in learning valuable principles and strategies to help mitigate Active Threats, A-Train Tactical wants to join your team. Some of the topics we focus on are: situational awareness, identifying potential threats, what actions to take when an active threat is in your vicinity, ways to help the injured survive, and how to react when law enforcement arrives on the scene. The section below outlines our comprehensive six-step plan to help your organization take action and be prepared. Depending on the specific needs of your organization, you may only be interested in one or two of our services. We will work with you to determine a suitable solution. 

Initial Meeting​

We will meet with you to learn important information about your organization and your personnel. This information will help us share our vision on how we can make your organization better prepared for a critical incident. We will provide you with a timeline and a free estimate to help you determine if A-Train Tactical can benefit your team. 

Site As​sessment

We will come to your location and conduct a walk-through of your facility. During the site assessment, we will look for security vulnerabilities and ways to increase your overall security posture while ensuring your building maintains an inviting atmosphere. We are also interested in hearing from your team regarding any perceived vulnerabilities. 

Emergency Action Plan 

By providing us with your current Emergency Action Plan (EAP) we can review it carefully and look for possible areas for improvement. If you do not already have an EAP in place, we can help. A-Train Tactical has developed an EAP template, and we will work with your designated point of contact to help you get started. 

Exercise Design

We will take the valuable information we obtain from your leaders, conduct research, review real-world examples, and develop a plausible and realistic tabletop exercise (TTX) to train your team. This discussion-based exercise will be developed using guiding principles from the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP). Additionally, the TTX will be designed specific to your type of organization and will utilize your physical location as the backdrop for the scenario.

Training Day

We will schedule a date to conduct a training session at your location. The training will last approximately 1.5 hours and can be conducted in a conference room or similar setting with audio/video capabilities. We will provide an overview on Active Threat topics such as: definitions, statistics, real-world examples, lessons learned, and best practices. Following the overview, we will facilitate the TTX in a manner that encourages the participants to work together as a team and utilize critical thinking skill​s to bring the scenario to a logical conclusion. 

Areas for Improvement

Following your training session, A-Train Tactical, LLC will provide your organization with a li​st of recommendations designed to help improve your overall readiness related to Active Threats. Your organization will also receive a certificate to document the completion of your training session. 

Take action, be ​prepared. TM

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